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Behind the scenes 


We've created a short case study to showcase the range of our services and explain our process from start to finish.


The project used here is an example that shows the entire production process from concept inception to installation and delivery.


We've been asked to design and build an idea for a TV set for an online game developer, Team Creation. The client wanted something innovative that would stand out from other online casinos. 

The set needed to work for two games that typically require separate builds. One would use a coin flip plinth and a smaller display screen behind the presenter. Another game needed a bigger screen for two presenters.



We developed a concept that allows the user to change the set's appearance,

from the colour patterns and speed of the lighting to customised graphics.

We also designed a bespoke plinth for the coin flip game with a remote control height adjustment. The plinth is lowered during another game, Catch the Bonus, and blends with the background.


The following timeline shows key milestones in the project delivery.
It represents a typical creative brief timeline, starting with initial discussions around the budget. This helps us design with the budget in mind and keep in line with the production schedule.



We offer a full set of design services that include creative design, artworking, graphic design and technical drawings.



Our design and production departments work as a team, reviewing concept ideas to align them with budgets and timelines. This approach streamlines the production process and allows us to move from visuals straight to technical drawings. 


Our team of skilled carpenters is trained in building anything from bespoke joinery and commercial fit-outs to stage and event designs.


With the aid of CNC programming, we have built timber substructures for the back walls and flooring that were later fitted with bespoke lightboxes and packed with tech.



We pride ourselves in being one of the few production houses that can manage every aspect of the build in-house.


Our metalworkers can build large installations or produce small detailed parts. We have built a coin flip plinth using custom-made machined parts.



With over twenty years of experience in stage design, lighting and sound, we cover every aspect of the technical build.

Our team of technical engineers installed DMX-controlled lighting, lightboxes, video wall, illuminated flooring, and built a plinth with a bespoke coin flip mechanism. 

Machine 1.png

Testing & Prototyping

Each part of the build had been rigorously tested to ensure that it operates smoothly before going live.


We have built a custom plinth for the coin flip game with remotely operated hydraulics and a fully bespoke coin flip mechanism. Our technicians have prototyped and extensively tested it in-house before building the final product




Our team of electronic engineers created bespoke digital solutions for the set.

We have programmed the lighting sequence built into the back wall and stage flooring to work with the screen content. We have also programmed the video wall to change the display area from a large to a small circle between the games. 


The client needed a smaller screen area for the Coin Flip game. When the coin flip plinth extends, part of the video wall is digitally blocked.



Our team manages every aspect of the installation and site build.


On-site carpentry, rigging, AV & tech, lighting and digital programming are done by our in-house team. 

Next Steps


We’re not just here for the exciting things in life. We can offer help with maintenance, technical support, storage and logistics.



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