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We use the latest technology to enhance physical and digital experiences and create multi-sensory immersive events. 


We are continually exploring new and emerging technologies to create richer experiences and engage audiences in a new way.

With a team of dedicated electronic engineers and computer programmers, we can develop innovative digital solutions and integrate them into physical experiences. 





Custom LED Displays

Bespoke Photobooths

Video Production

Projection Mapping





Our technical team can work with you on whatever your needs are and provide a full range of consultation and design services.

We have a wide selection of audio and visual products available to hire, along with the technical expertise

in-house to install and operate the live event. From staging, rigging and SFX to giant LED screens, blended projection, lighting, sound and control systems.
Our technical team can work with you on developing the concept and provide design consultations. We also offer a full range of SFX capabilities, including pyrotechnics, dry ice, foam, laser displays and much more.


Interactive clock with a built-in vending machine 

Project: Benefit Pore O' Clock

Our brief was to design and produce an interactive set piece to launch Benefit's new product range. We created a giant clock with a built-in vending machine. Visitors would queue outside the Benefit store on Carnaby Street for their turn to press the button and watch the clock hand spin until it landed on a prize. The built-in vending mechanism dispensed miniature products or vouchers while the clock bells and and released bubbles.

Bespoke Photobooth

Project: Glenmorangie 


We created a custom photo booth housed in a traditional telephone box. The camera placed on top of the phone unit detected when someone was coming in, and visitors would receive a phone call from Glenmorangie. Following instructions on the phone, they would use the touch screen to take a series of photos they can receive to an email address in the form of gif animation. After the 'photoshoot', the phone would dispense a coin drinks voucher.


Custom listening stations for

Amazon Music, Audible & Wondery

Project: The Podcast Show London


For the biggest event in the podcast industry, Podcast Show London, we have designed a set of bespoke listening stations that featured directional speakers and built-in touch screens.

Visitors, using touchscreens, could select audio samples from a playlist curated by one of the three brands - Amazon Music, Wondery and Audible - and hear the music playing from the overhead directional speakers. 

Studio set for online gaming show

Project: Team Creation


​We designed an innovative studio set that can be adapted to work for two different games without presenters leaving the stage. We created a bespoke plinth for the coin flip game with a remote control height adjustment. When another game, Catch the Bonus, starts, the plinth lowers and blends with the background. Custom-made lightboxes built into the floor and set backdrop change colour patterns and speed of lighting to work with the on-screen content. ​


Live broadcasting delivered by our in-house video and live streaming production crews.


Project: Youtube Social Stars


Using specialist video capture and broadcast technology, along with multi-camera vision mixing, we offer the highest-quality streaming capabilities on the market. With a graphics overlay mixer, sound processing and hardware video compression, you can be sure that your audience gets the highest quality experience to reflect the quality of your brand.

Special effects for Amazon Prime Video premiere


We created an immersive set packed with special effects for the premiere of the new Amazon Pime series The Power.

Cold sparks explosions were triggered when visitors stepped into the space, combined with digitally programmed lighting for the photo op moments.


Custom video wall and digital

content creation

Project: Amazon Music/Wondery/Audible


We stock a wide range of LED screens and video wall panels that we integrate into our designs. For The Podcast Show, we created a large curved video wall which we placed right at the entrance to the venue (the back of the curved wall housed listening stations). 
Our designers
also created all the content and video animations.

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