The Complete Solution
Made Up offer total event production, covering every aspect in-house from our workshops and offices in London and Ibiza.


  • Made Up’s senior producers interface with our in-house design department to lay the foundations of your event. These full-time professionals, working from a dedicated studio, include: photo-realistic rendering designers, motion graphics specialists, highly accurate CAD and technical drawing artists, lighting designers, and graphics virtuosos who are highly skilled in applying brand guidelines to innovative new projects.

    Needless to say, we provide inspirational mood boards and detailed impressions; our extensive workshop can also create prototypes for special builds and other forward-thinking applications that require careful consideration.

Creative Services

  • Our expertise, honed across many varied and ambitious projects, is at your disposal. We’ve grown up alongside the experiential industry. Our combined acumen, in conceptualisation and execution, is absolutely second to none.
    We’ll let you know what magic we can weave from your brief, and provide practical resolutions to any sticking points. You’re very welcome to brainstorm with us in the comfortable breakout areas here at our London HQ.


  • All client presentations are delivered by Made Up’s founder Cy Kelly. If you’d like to enjoy the showcase here at Made Up HQ, we can invite you to our serene quiet zone shielded from the workshops, equipped with state-of-the-art display and communications technology.

Finance Planning

  • We use our own in-house specialists to handle all aspects of your production. So Made Up offers unmatchable value, maximising the budget’s reach so the return on your investment surpasses all expectations.

    Events involve many different elements coming together on a deadline. Our complete solution process means there are fewer variable factors for you to be concerned about. Put your trust in our two decades worth of production experience, for the smoothest event planning you’ve ever enjoyed.


  • Custom-engineered, bespoke-designed ‘special builds’ are a key area of our business. No job is too ambitious or quirky. We’ve created many breathtaking, unique pieces from start-to-finish in our London and Ibiza workshops, from haunted houses and historic recreations to indoor sporting facilities and reconditioned vehicles. Our senior producers are based alongside our artisan makers, so every detail can be overseen and each project executed to perfection.


  • We’ve been working with progressive lifestyle and luxury brands since the dawn of modern marketing in the mid-1990s. We’re keenly aware of how important your brand is to you, and how vital it is that your guidelines are implemented with care and wisdom. Whether we’re applying your brand to the floor of a swimming pool, or video mapping it onto to complex custom-made structures, your identity will be handled with empathy and professionalism.

Project Management

  • We’ll appoint the most appropriate member of our production team to be the first point of call for all communication. They’ll draw upon the considerable experience of our senior team – which includes authorities in luxury experiences, cutting-edge technology, high specification audio, large-scale events such as festivals, and important locations including the island of Ibiza. Your dedicated contact is supported by junior producers, so your own vision always remains the senior producer’s primary concern.


  • Our special effects services are also handled entirely in-house. Lasers – including the latest arrays – and pyrotechnics, plus traditional favourites such as streamers, balloons, and foam can all be arranged without the need to commission a third party. Our teams relish using the latest equipment, and are used to working to very high levels of efficiency and safety.


  • Made Up is noted for its sophisticated video mapping projects, curated and delivered by a world-class team. We believe that our close working relationship with discerning institutions such as Disney, The BBC and NEC (Nippon Electronic Company) solidifies our credentials in this field. As with all services Made Up can use its own state of the art equipment to cater for your event, without the need for third parties.

Environmental Enhancement

  • The team’s fertile imaginations and years of practical know-how are at your disposal. We work on any scale, from the restricted area of a shop window to the wide expanses of Europe’s largest festivals. Our attention to detail means we make seasonal classics like Christmas decorations totally unique while we can also develop cutting-edge facilities such as the permanent sensory installations which increase a wine-buff’s level of taste. Our experience means we are always aware of any potential problems like heat levels which may affect painted pieces. We work with some of the world’s most recognised brands, adapting their visual identity in new and exciting ways.


  • Events require meticulous planning, and we’re experts when it comes to the nuts ’n’ bolts of production too. Let us sweat the small stuff – from assessment for power and any generator supply, to waste disposal, transport, paperwork including insurance and customs forms, storage, containers, and any further custom shipping requirements.

Rehearsal and Preparation

  • For an event to be a triumph, many variables need to come together. Why leave anything to chance? At Made Up, our production services are tested before the big night wherever possible. We can produce branding and fabrication prototypes, display visuals for client approval on video walls in our central London premises, and test run any bespoke software. Needless to say, on the day sound, visuals and any other bespoke installations are tested on site.


  • Our crew will visit the site prior to setting up. Detailed schedules and timing instructions will be prepared in advance. Full-time Made Up operatives and trusted specialists will perform the installation itself. When you only have an hour to do three hours work, you need the right people executing the job. You need Made Up.


  • Our black book is second to none. We have fully qualified and trusted project managers, security staff, bar teams, dancers, mixologists and of course expert light and sound technicians. Our impeccable greeters are specially selected to represent your event.

Ibiza Studios

  • Made Up operates offices, studios, workshops and storage units on the island of Ibiza all-year-round. We’re registered as a Spanish company and we’ve a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with event production there. Our Ibiza office has handled activations for Tag Heuer, Absolut and Perrier Jouet to name only a few. We produce the Radio 1 in Ibiza festival plus we continue to work with many of the top club brands, including Paradise at DC10.


  • We’re not just here for the exciting things in life. All clients are welcome to use our on-site storage program.
    Items stored under the premium service are accessible at a moment’s notice. Equally, deep storage is available for annual use at exceptional rates. Your valuable, often unique items are catalogued, photographed and itemised in a similar system to that used by fine art repositories. electrical items placed with us for more than a year can receive PAT test updates.
    We maintain engineered pieces and large-scale stage sets that take several weeks advance preparation to be restored as new. Have piece of mind over your luxury articles and other items that are required to be impeccable.

Vinyl Printing

  • Vinyl printing provision in-house is another detail of our ‘total production’ ethos – we provide most services direct from our HQs, freeing up valuable resources to concentrate on making your event an unqualified success.

Live Streaming

  • Our ‘total production’ ethos extends to recording and streaming of events, to a high professional standard. Packages include equipment, sets, crew, the audio-visual recording itself, live internet streaming, editing, and on-screen graphics. The still above is taken from our stream of Pernod Ricard’s Chivas Regal whisky masterclass at The Blend, Manchester.