Patrick Topping Tour Production
Posted — November 5th, 2019

Made Up’s workshops and studios in central London designed and created the stage set and venue dressing for acclaimed DJ and producer Patrick Topping’s European club tour named after his recording imprint, ‘Trick’.

Topping, the British DJ and house music producer behind ‘Stay Sharp, Say Nowt’ and other dance floor-oriented hits embarked on a national tour in autumn 2019.

The centrepieces were three large, bespoke, illuminated pieces of branding for Trick designed and built at our central London workshops.

Our unique fabrications team made three structures in the outline of Trick’s ‘lightning bolt’ logo.

Each of these was built in a different size: one at nine metres wide, another five metres wide, and a further piece at three metres wide.

The three pieces were placed along the centre of the venue in line with the DJ booth on stage, creating a hyper-real tunnel effect.

An additional piece of unique branding came in the form of another illuminated lightning bolt, this time bearing the Trick brand. It adapted the Trick logo using a mirrored lightning bolt motif surrounded by LED tape lit in a constantly morphing colour scheme.

All of the fabrications designed to be taken apart and reassembled quickly and easily.

Further decoration included smaller scale mirrored lightning bolts and immaculate three dimensional ‘clouds’. All the venue dressing and branding was transported, installed and managed by the Made Up live team.

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