Monkey 47 Winter Lodge
Posted — November 22nd, 2017

For holidays 2017, Made Up’s luxury activations team were tasked with designing and building an extensive ‘winter lodge’ structure in the grounds of Holborn’s historic Rosewood hotel. On top of creating an impressive and distinctive environment from scratch, the project involved a number of challenges to overcome.

Most vitally, the lodge had to exist around an immaculate architectural garden originally created by multiple award-winning designer Luciano Giubbilei. A delicate and artistic steel pergola plus plants, and high-end contemporary designer furniture all had to be taken into account in terms of both creative and engineering. While the steel pergola was to form the ‘lodge’ structure itself, nothing could be hung from it, and nor could it bear any weight.

Moreover, the lodge was to reflect Black forest Germany – Monkey 47’s point of origin. Its look was not be confused with the trend for either Alpine or ‘après-ski’ lodges. More specifically, it was to intended to appear to be the 1940s forest habitat of Monkey 47 founder Montgomery Collins. The client stipulated that the interior walls must not use exposed wood to create the effect.

Our team began by cladding the pergola both inside and out, using two different self-supporting structures. Green and gold flock wallpaper was used to cover any exposed wood on the interior walls.

Heated benches were draped with soft furnishings for a vintage feel. On-trend sheepskin was used as a temporary covering for other furniture.

The terrace’s stunning green marble tables provided inspiration for the bar top – an excellent example of our team complementing premium quality permanent fixtures with a temporary-component shaped budget.

Our team’s build also included: working shutters, a traditional balcony, authentic Black Forest textures, and exterior lighting created using a sourced, monkey-shaped, carved wooden lamp.

The design team also sourced and installed: botanical drawings of Monkey 47’s ingredients and vintage frames, antique model aeroplanes, period silverware, books, crystal and glassware, and working cuckoo clocks (timed to ‘cuckoo’ at different intervals for effect).

Engineering feats included adapting one of the carved ‘monkey lamps’ to become a ‘Sloe Negroni’ cocktail pump. Branding was entirely limited to the four monkey lamps, all of which were different, and a discrete logo on the lodge’s working exterior clock face.

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