Drive Time Painting with Radio 1
Posted — April 24th, 2018

Made Up provided the artworked backdrop, set, and unusual props for BBC Radio 1 drive time DJ Greg James’ latest viral stunt.

Greg is known for his irreverent and eclectic sense of humour, that often finds him pursuing unique tasks and challenges for the amusement of listeners.

One such in-joke is the uncanny resemblance between Greg and the male subject of an 1866 canvas by Danish oil painter Carl Bloch, titled ‘In a Roman Austeria’.

In April 2018 Greg invited art buffs from his listenership into the Radio 1 Live Lounge to paint their own interpretations of Bloch’s work – while Greg himself and two other listeners posed as the figures in the original.

While the idea was certainly off the wall, a meticulously assembled set was key to the stunt’s effectiveness and credibility.

The painting itself took place live on the radio, but images of the event were splashed all over social media, plus the original idea attracted journalists from the likes of Buzzfeed.

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