Old El Paso Make Some Noise Powering a restaurant with conversation

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The ‘National Fajita Friday’ pop-up for Old El Paso communicated the Mexican food brand’s ‘Make Some Noise’ initiative to ‘encourage the nation to sit and eat with their friends and family.’

In a process adapted by Made Up’s innovation team, hubbub created by conversation at the temporary restaurant’s tables was converted into energy using piezoelectric technology.

Chatter was picked up by microphones at each table. The louder it grew the more voltage was generated, unlocking benefits such as a Margherita tap, tabletop lighting, and warm tortillas.

We stimulated the banter via machines dispensing ‘conversation starter’ topic cards. The restaurant’s tortillas were also served with existential questions toasted on their surfaces, and Mexican street art on the walls offered further inspiration.

Prizes were awarded to the guests who generated the most electricity, while taciturn tables suffered from their batteries running down to empty.

“When people sit together over a Mexican, it creates happy noise and genuine connections,” says Old El Paso brand manager Lionel Morgado.

Made Up worked alongside Grey London agency on this event.

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