Knife Party Haunted House

  • Design
  • Lighting
  • Mgmt
  • SFX
  • Video
  • Lasers
  • Staging
  • Festival

The Haunted House was first a concept for the Knife Party Ibiza Parties in Amesia Together every Tuesday. We did four Haunted House shows in Ibiza across the summer, A second house was built for touring which was to feature in the Headline Festivals Leeds and Reading, it then continued to tour across Europe until the end of 2013.

The house is made to scale in many ways; the house scales up and down. Likewise the number of effects and lights will change depending on the venue size and overall capacity. The structure needs to be able to adapt for venues such as the WHP, touring the EU and festivals.

As we had both artists and staff working at height - the Knife Party DJs are on a first floor balcony during their performance - we had a number of H&S factors at the forefront of the build. We make sure that anything that tours needs to be built specifically for the touring environment. Aspects like this are always considered in the design and planning to ensure that touring is made as simple and effective from the start.

The effects side of the show we had flames, live pyrotechnics, CO2 cannons, confetti cannons and lasers. The CO2 synced with the LED visuals on the balcony and the surrounding LED walls. In addition to this there was a bespoke Funktion 1 and Pioneer DJ equipment installed.

The house gets a huge reaction wherever it goes. The response from the audience is the reward for all the hard work that is put in by everyone at every level.

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