Craig David's TS5 at Ibiza Rocks

  • Design
  • Lighting
  • Mgmt
  • SFX
  • Video
  • Lasers
  • Staging
  • Festival

TS5 is Craig David’s new musical project where he DJs, sings, MCs and plays alongside a live band. It’s named after Craig’s house in Miami, Florida, where the project came about organically during parties for his friends. Craig wanted to bring the Miami aesthetic and feeling to a major performance at Ibiza Rocks Hotel – Made Up were given that task.

Our solution was to custom build various designs at our Ibiza workshop. These included lifeguard huts in Miami’s art deco style, plus collaborated with the team at Ibiza Rocks to create a unique stage in the middle of the crowd for Craig to perform on. T

The structure was clad entirely in dazzling white. It extended 24 feet into the crowd via a runway and was decorated with palm trees and other plants. Bright and fresh, it was ideal for a daytime pool party.

Header image: © Luke Dyson

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